♫♫Ed Sheeran Lyrics♫♫

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GoodbyeWithHello By GoodbyeWithHello Completed
"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end."
SierraMaeMarie SierraMaeMarie a year ago
Thanks! I was looking for a good place to see all of the lyrics and to see other songs! Perfect!
soulfulbreeze_ soulfulbreeze_ 2 years ago
<3      @AtlanticAestival  lmboo i thought the exact same thing
Hannah_m8 Hannah_m8 2 years ago
I love Ed so much it isn't even funny. And I agree he defines the word amazing(: I wrote a fanfic about him<3
snuffielovess snuffielovess 2 years ago
Can you post the lyrics of the songs Ed wrote for One Direction?
NirvanaNiall NirvanaNiall 2 years ago
He is super talented! :) All his lyrics say something about him or his experiences, and they always speak to everyone... he has such talented it's hard to explain. If you have a twitter, we should really trend #EdSheeranGODofMusic I created this so.. yeah if you wish to.
luckynumber7 luckynumber7 2 years ago
Where are all these songs from? I mean, besides the ones on his album. I'm not a huge fan, so I've never heard of most of these.