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Payton is a big girl. She hides food under her bed, she hate anything that involves moving around too much and she hates most of the people at her school. Sadly her extra weight is starting to worry her family and that's when Tristen steps into the picture. He whips her into shape and pretty much makes her into the type of girl every guy wants. And the girl you'll picture when you think of the Beta Daughter. Payton never liked or loved a guy before. She likes Tristen even though he acts like he don't like her, but she's noticing the way he's getting very possessive of her and she likes it in a wired way...but she wants more...needs more. Payton is determined to break down his walls and make him admit the truth that she already knows for herself. ( This is a Werewolf, Romance, Humor and Adventure story)
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good god this story makes me wanna be healthy but i cant because I allergic to most healthy snacks....
@Atlis_Love yea same here like if I want more food cuz I like eat all the time but I'm not fat they'll be like: you already ate fatty! Like wtf ???
oh snap! happy birthday will!! hope you have tacos and ice cream ^_^ yummmm now I'm hungry o.O
I love the fact that you made her actually overwieght. When most people on Wattpad do it they try to say 130lbs or something.
Aw my name is Brianna. But you spell it differently than I do. Briana is my real name
Great length!  Tristen is rude, by the way.  I liked the video you attached, by the way.

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