So Far Away [Naruto Sequel]

NOTE: This is the sequel of Great, Stuck In Their World. Three years. That was how long it had been since she wished herself to be in the strange, small ninja world she now called home. Within those three years, she had left with her best friend, Naruto, to be a better Shinobi. This action was caused by Sasuke, who had left Naomi soon after they had started to go out. She had seen some strange events while she was here, and there was no doubt that she would experience stranger things when she returned to Konoha.
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fuck yeah she is back and better why no pics though. love the story keep writing
OMG !! I'm SUPER happy that you've uploaded this !!! First chapter is really great ! :D can't wait to read more
Gaara. Heh. <3 I love the sequel do far! I'm glad Sasuke isn't in it (yet... Probably... D:). ;D Keep it up! :D
Omg not garra and sakura do you want a beat down what ryuu was about to say is more important than you

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