Hood Hunter

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_nyx-redbird By _nyx-redbird Updated 3 years ago
Mismatched pair.
He's called Fire. She's called Liam. 
Their very much different like the winter and summer however, they seen to compromise.
Follow them on their comical, sometimes turbulance relationship. As Scorcher said, "No matter how high you fly, there's always turbulance just work with it." And that they DO!
GirlsHateTootsie GirlsHateTootsie a year ago
aww the way they laughed at each others names. When she started the whole posing thing i was creasing. your stories are always funny
PurpleHazed PurpleHazed 2 years ago
Ok so I'm half Nigerian so I understood some slang. But others I'm just like Wtf? I'm going to ask my Ghanaian friend what they mean. But I really like the story.
LifeGoesOn31 LifeGoesOn31 2 years ago
I read This Boy first and didnt understand half of the slang, but I got the general idea of it and I was ADDICTED so now I will pull an all nighter and read all  your stories like a Nyx-redbird'sbookaholic.
SammieG1 SammieG1 3 years ago
Woop WOOP his quarter iranian. I wanna meet this guy. If his real. Hehe
TLCKIddo TLCKIddo 3 years ago
Looooool this is too funny! Liam's mum reminds me of my mum in someway! She done the same thing at my aunties party.. the woman was gobsmacked! This Chapter is too funny The roof is on FIRE (8) I dnt like Andy... nd i hardly noe him! Warer!....Liam's mums a DON end of!!
getlikebecki getlikebecki 3 years ago
Lool this was too funny, I literally laughed after each sentence! Her mum's hilarious! I'm glad am ghanian, so I understand the twi :)