A Time to Weep

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ella_enchanted By ella_enchanted Updated 3 years ago
Just like so many others, it's a collection of my poetry and short stories. A look into my heart, and I'm sharing it with you. You'll know the person behind the stories, what makes me who I am. The title is taken from the Bible, beautiful verses. God bless.
MikkyZ MikkyZ 2 years ago
This poem is soo beautiful and written so incredibly ... I loved it, if took my breath away ... Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thing with us all :)
SkyLyte SkyLyte 2 years ago
This is a sad, but lovely poem. I noticed the style of your words; it gets large then small and then ends with two words. Wonderful :)
Resilient_Flower Resilient_Flower 3 years ago
This relates so much to me.
I am going through the same thing. I can't forgive him, no matter how much I try. I have asked Him countless times to help me forgive, but it doesn't seem to come
This has really, really touched me. Thank you ever so much for writing this. I cried so much.
annagio21 annagio21 3 years ago
carolk123 carolk123 4 years ago
this is beautiful! there's no other way to say it...i actually got chills reading it! you're very talented!
ArmoredAvenger ArmoredAvenger 4 years ago
This is SO beautiful! it's so strong and passionate and i love it! keep up the good work! (: