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_KaraRobinson By _KaraRobinson Updated 2 years ago
A splinter in the brain is similar to a splinter in the finger; you can feel it, loathe it, but you can't see it. The more you try to find it and remove it, the more it sinks deeper and deeper into your flesh. But you keep trying, because you think that at some point it has to come out. A splinter in the brain is similar yet so very, very different. Because this kind of a splinter can never be removed. Burying itself deep within your sanity and twisting everything you've ever known, everything you've ever felt, into something much darker. And reality, soon becomes a fantasy.
MySilentVoice MySilentVoice 2 years ago
I was intrigued by the description.  When doing free reads its sometimes hard to read through all those stories but this one was easy!  The quality of writing is very good.  I would say though, if you want more readers you'll need to update a LOT more often.  The cast listing made me smile :L
Zenon107 Zenon107 2 years ago
@KaraRobinson Wow! The cover is amazing ^^ I;m looking forward to reading this ^^
Zenon107 Zenon107 2 years ago
Okay, one question. Who in the world made your cover?! It's amazing! And I love how the subtitle spells out insane. Did you think of it?! Anyway, I am definitely going to read this later. ^^
@KaraRobinson Haha that was a creative idea ;) You're great at making covers
I definitely plan to read more of this! The cover's so creepy...I like how the grey letters spell out INSANE
simplysoul simplysoul 2 years ago
Wow this is a really good horror story its actually making my hairs stand on end!!