Farm Girl Meets Bad Boy

River Snow has always lived a normal, boring life, and she's sick of it. Being homeschooled, she has no outside life on her family's farm except for the neighbours that are a forty minute walk away. But one night, when mysterious Emery Hasting's appears inside of her barn, everything changes. WARNING: For strong language throughout, and mild violence. This is all unedited. I realize that there a lot of spelling and grammical errors. Things in the plot are extreamily novice and a lot do not make sense, for example, Emery's age because I decided to change it. Please bear with me and I'd prefer if you didn't comment on any of the above. Thanks!
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@confusedpeople holy shit! I seriously get grounded for reading so much. I supposedly "need to get exercise or else I will get fat." Pft mom.
OMG, I read it into accent 'cos I am southern. But it's the same, nonetheless. ✌️
I already have a reading addiction. No joke my mom gets mad when I tell her I'm reading
friendly advise: 'is' should be 'are' when u said 'I realize that there is spelling errors......'
I've already read this before I made a wattpad account. I'm reading it again, and still loving this. <3
@_morganxoxo_ Ya, Farm Girl meets bad boy, Farm Girl has bad boy and Farm Girl loves bad boy <3

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