Romancing The Ice Prince

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Alchi Levy By Alchi Levy Updated a month ago
He's my dark past, my once happy-go-lucky ex,  he's my mistake, he's my secret, he's the heartless jerk, he's my sweetest downfall, he's the cold-hearted bastard,. And he's Miguel Angelo Tan, my boss.

He gripped me by my waist. "You are mine. Mine, Rein. Mine. Understood?" malamig at mariin niyang saad. His aqua stare making my insides go wild. Wala sa loob na napatango ako. "Good." He smiled. For seconds, inakala kong may nakita akong genuine doon but before I could think twice,...... he kissed me. 

I realized, he, too, was my everything. 

Pero he's better without me. All Rights Reserved.
This book is not in Spanish for the people who think it is xD
When po ulet ang update??? :)

Ganda po ng story... i thought d na msusundan xD....

UPDATE po ulet PLEASE !!!
pinipilit ko din alalahanin kung anu istorya nto.muntik ko n kz makalimutan s tagal ng salamat meron n..
inulit pla siya...syang ang haba n ihhh...anyway we'll be waiting for the update author...Godbless you...:)
I don't know the reason of the girl. Pedro masasabi Kong isa syang TANGA!! Siguro naman kaya nilang lumaban ng magkasama -___-
Sweet <3 If only every guy possessed that sweetness and sincerity then no one will be left brokenhearted.