5SOS Preferences

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cutelucas By cutelucas Updated 23 days ago
Preferences written by cutelucas on tumblr. || cover by nicole [identicaluke] {fanfiction #28}
JC3azer4life JC3azer4life 6 days ago
I play guitar, bass, drums, the cajon and when I sing I sing like a dying lama over than that I sucj
oreocookie99 oreocookie99 7 days ago
^^^i would be screeching like a seal and flapping my arms trying not to fall over
internetmichael internetmichael 7 days ago
i cant even look a boy in the eye without hyperventilating how is she doing this why is she doing this what even is this help
dreamingbrb dreamingbrb 10 days ago
I don't think she's worth it if you have to change yourself for her to notice you.
BethBeth0212 BethBeth0212 12 days ago
All these guns all these guns and you still won't give me a shot.
nikkiwikki234 nikkiwikki234 12 days ago
literally same lol

you literally turn the pages for the pianist at school