5SOS Preferences

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jess By cutelucas Updated a month ago
Preferences written by cutelucas on tumblr. || cover by nicole [identicaluke] {fanfiction #28}
Hello, please read this Luke Hemmings Fanfic.  http://www.wattpad.com/118709451-the-game-planner-luke-hemmings-prologue  Thanks
WTF!!! JUST OVER A LIP RING, well I guess that's one of the reasons Luke looks so freaking cute either his lip ring
note** she only noticed him bc of a lip piercing.. who thinks that relationship is gonna last?
Um... Stalker alert! Though I would be rather happy to have this stalker.
Let's all look everywhere for that cup. Oh wait, I can't reach for the controller I'm gonna run halfway around the world for a cup with Mikey's number on it.