The Triangle

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_PurpleGiraffe99 By _PurpleGiraffe99 Updated 3 years ago
Michael likes Mia but Mia likes Jared and nobody really knows who Jared likes.

Michael is a good guy. He has good friends, a good family, he's an all around good person. His one fault? He likes long time friend Mia. 
Mia is Mia.In love with Jared, who she's said two words to in her whole life time. But still, he's everything she wants.
Jared is that bad boy. He's your average bad boy. He drinks, parties, and plays soccer. Nobody looks at him twice.

All of them are stuck inside the box. They can't expand beyond the cliches of teenage love. Yet like so many teenagers today, all they want is their own love story. Someone to care about them unconditionally. If only they knew...

(Yeah, don't know where this came from. Enjoy(:)
XxHopeless_AgonyxX XxHopeless_AgonyxX 3 years ago
Ooh, I love it so far. Great beginning. It is going to be a page turner.