My husband raped me...

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vanesa By ivvy227 Updated 9 months ago
A girl and a man who already have an early marriage, but the man has a secret an affair. The woman leave him and moves on with her life. But the man realizes how much he needs her and won't leave her alone until she belongs to him only. Why does he still need her? Is he jealous? Or is there other reasons for this issue?
well. people. they never appreciated until they lost it. how sad
huh..i thought he doesn't want to divorce. but,, ngeee. he just dissapointed cause his wife get the divorce paper before him. how sad hahaa
right now i wish the author also stated how bad was their relationship before so we could connect more. it's like a tottaly different era, starting from this
wow. I hope that my parents won't be getting a divorce. they argue too much
why is it called this, when that hasn't happend.. .-.why is it even called this !?! XD XP CX
Well human .. doesnt realize something infront of eyes until they lose it.. heol