My husband raped me...

A girl and a man who already have an early marriage, but the man has a secret an affair. The woman leave him and moves on with her life. But the man realizes how much he needs her and won't leave her alone until she belongs to him only. Why does he still need her? Is he jealous? Or is there other reasons for this issue?
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@Vanessa_Luvies if everyone was like that then.... who am I kidding no one is like that lol
so now hes feeling remorse.... :( too little to late 
i wonder what her conditions are ... 
like the story :) cant wait to read on :)
like doggie style? damnn ... she probably haves One Moment on *-* it's pretty amazing I keep on sniffing my sister when she uses it xdd
When I Read that, it was the women in blacks voice, ya know, where Daniel Radcliffe reading the letters to her sister "rot in hell"
he wanted to get them papers first to try to make her feel bad or so he can act lik he bad
That is what we called" you don't know what you have an till they are gone for good"

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