The Legend Of The Mystics

Three books connect three humans to a book of legends in another realm. Fates intertwine and five set out on a quest to save the Evergreen Kingdom. The three humans find their journey has led them to an unknown world with a legend in a book that has everything to do with their fates. Along the quest to fulfill the prophecy, the mystics and the two helpers, Mae and Elliott, they meet along their way realize the once peaceful Evergreen Kingdom is under attack by an evil force. They will have to defeat the evil darkness that threatens to befall the kingdom, and save the princess-queen Aeolian's family name from an evil curse set years ago. Will all get destroyed in this epic battle of good vs evil? Will the legend prevail truth? Leap into a story that will take you on a journey full of emotion and wonder with the turn of every page. Written By: Melody Wilson ┬ęCopyright 2012-All Rights Reserved
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I like the plot and it captivated me. There were a few mistakes but you can easily fix them or get an editor to do it for you. Overall, good job. Voted. :)
Wow! This is a great start, really draws in very well, and the descriptions really make things clear in the reader's mind. Nice job!
Ok i just head to finish the chapters lol its so intriging I just might add this to my library how oftern do you update?
I love it so much!Its a greatstart to ur story!im like seriosly intrigued like the previos commenter said:)
"The light of morning brought new hope..." and the numerous amount of intricate metaphors and descriptions seriously makes me happy. I loved it :D

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