Religious Love

Layla Zenzoul finally has freedom. She just turned 18 and finished high school. Getting into the college of her dreams, being able to move into her own apartment, and getting a new job? Things just seem too good to be true. Until she meets Zane Farley, the blond headed Christian boy who captures her heart. Layla knows the consequences of fooling around with this boy, her parents disowning. Not only is she not allowed to date, but Layla is also Muslim. Her life is split in two, between love and religion.
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Wow, this is very 9ice, thumbs up, the mistakes doesn't really count, its the content-- voted!
ps:its the editors work to correct mistakes!!!!
i hate saying mistakes its just that your aloud should be allowed awesome story though :)
Super cute :) that intro was absolutely adorable :) definitely gonna keep reading!
This is so cool, I love nooks that are different, not the usual cliche! I will read on.
This is good like the plot and every thing but I think u need to expand ur vocal a bit
awww they meet by a dare, how not cool of the guy. I would have stopped talking to him...
anyway I loved it :D <33

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