The Abused Girl

Jessie was a normal 16 year old girl. She didnt know her real dad untill she met him when she was 13. She though he was the best and she was happy she found him...untill something more sinister started to happen.....
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I really don't wanna sound like a bitch but to help you add more detail and don't rush into it so fast
I like to read these stories! It makes my fell lucky that I didn't have to go through that! INLOVE with ur writting keep it up
Good story, I don't know where this is going though which is good, keeping the readers coming back for more :)
wow , this is really could keep writing im enjoying this ,  thanks xx
Awesome start!! I love the detail you've put into the characters so far. How new are you to Wattpad? I just started... 
Off to a good start. You did a great job making her dad the kind of character your fans will love to hate. 

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