Iblis: A Superhero Story (Season 1)

Cideion Rodgers was an average teen, until a tragic event leaves him waking up in the hospital. Donning the alter-ego, Iblis, he sets out into the crime filled streets of Crystal Springs to discover the source of his newfound abilities. However, he must also adjust to balancing his new identity, school, and life with his mysterious guardian, "King". NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Feel free to email me your opinions at mkgibertjr@gmail.com. For the quickest updates, join the Facebook group and follow the blog at iblishero.blogspot.com For more character, plot, and technology information, as well as a summary of the action up to this point, go to this site: http://tnguniverse.wikia.com/wiki/The_TNG_Universe_Wiki
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Is something different for what I usually read but I am glad I did cause it was an interesting read. The ending was marvelous and made me want to read more.
Very amazing writing! I absolutley LOVED this!!!! Great job and  keep up the good work!
Very well written. A lot of detail, nice. There are some grammar mistakes though.
Your a good writer I can tell but it would be best if you find ways to keep readers attention.

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