Heaven Sent The Wrong One (Wattpad Edition, Unedited Preview)

Allayne Carlyle, heir of Viscount Carlyle, is in a snit. All of his friends are happily married and wish the same for him. But Allayne is in no hurry. He is wealthy, handsome and free. Why would he want to be leg-shackled when women buzz around him like bees? Lady Alexandra Davenport, only daughter of the Earl of Weston, is likewise excogitating the same thoughts. She has been cleverly avoiding the matrimonial noose, but now that her 25th birthday has come around, her father finally put his foot down. But Alexandra is in no hurry. Her mother left her with a substantial inheritance upon her death and she is not wanting of anything. She is wealthy, beautiful and free. Why would she want some wretched man to marry and take her money, when she could have more fun with clandestine coquetry? Unbeknownst to our hero and heroine, their parents have been scheming. What will happen when these two stubborn personalities collide? Will they chase each other with a hatchet or will the sparks fly? Join me with Allayne and Alexandra as they conquer the mystery of that little word they've been trying their damndest to avoid. Love. And so the story begins. NOTE: **This is an unedited draft preview up to chapter 7 ONLY. Heaven Sent (The Wrong One) is a complete novel and the true version has been published and is available in bookstores in Canada and the USA. For International inquiries on where to buy the book, please send a message to the administrators of VJ Dunraven Philippines on facebook. ** .
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@234Cellardoor You need to delete the book frm ur library first then follow the author and then re add it again
this is going to be a good story just like the promise....ohh better say this is great!
If I'm not registered add a fan,I want to be! Just finished The Promise, on too Heaven Sent,I fall asleep with the men in your book every night! ;-)
by any chance, did you get the inspiration for the change of roles (valet master) from a French 17th century  literature book?
Go to his link next to his icon u should see a box that says follow click & you will be a fan . U  should b able to get the rest of the story
Fellow readers, after becoming a fan. Delete this book in your library then re-add. You will have access to the other chapters

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