Can't Have You

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PrincessMahone By PrincessMahone Updated a month ago
A teen love story that captures the essence of modern day relationships involving teenagers. Joe and Megan have been best friends for years, but what happens when one of them reveals a secret that could change things forever?
creativerebels creativerebels 5 months ago
@Redpotato17 right! lol that made me enjoy this story even more
Summerbreeze17 Summerbreeze17 3 years ago
ok so whoever accused you of stealing that story must be stupid! thats so immature!! I LOVE your story megan!!
Summerbreeze17 Summerbreeze17 3 years ago
Hey Megan!!! It's Summer! Cannot begin to even tell you how AMAZING your story is!! Im soo excited for you :D