Marriage As Punishment

Lady Aleana Brighton daughter of Marius Brighton Earl of Sumton. Described as an unruly, unteachable, and undisciplined girl. Stubborn in her ways, she refuses to marry. She is constantly the subject of gossip. James Wellington II. The eldest son of James Wellington I, Marquess of Stambridge, Earl of Sussex. Meaning he's an earl, heir to the marquess title, and heir to the considerable estates. But he's also a notorious gambler and drunk. Now they are engaged to be married. With high stakes they must learn to get along and function with high society. Will this explosive couple come out victorious?
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Lol I know the feeling I started writing my own book and when I got my first reader i jumped up and down like a kid at christmas
I hate how society underestimates women, If they saw what we could do they would seriously do a double-take
It's a good concept, but watch out for mixing up past/present tenses and try to avoid using modern slang.
Definitely better than many not first books on here. You'll get better with practice.
You must believe in yourself. What I have read leads me to want to read more. The more you write, the better you will become.
I love arranged marriages type story... where the couple find love after marriage. =)

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