Texas Ranger (On Hold)

Handsome. Dangerous. There are two sides to the twenty-five year old outlaw named Ronan. He has drop-dead good looks, but is the leader of an overly successful group of bandits called The Whip. They roam Texas in search of towns with banks to rob, but when they decide to rob a town by the name of Argo, their search comes to a halt. Trapped, cornered, and under immense pressure from the oncoming sheriff, Ronan accidently kidnapps the sheriff's beautiful daughter, Gwen, in an intempt to escape. Ronan, The Whip, and Gwen trek through the Texas deserts to try to escape the sheriff who is hunting them down persistantly to take his daughter back. Gwen proves to be a challenge because this bold girl won't be pushed around. Ronan finds himself not only trying not to be caught but the sheriff, but trying to keep their hostage secure.
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Hey Lovespell4ever! This is probably who you think it is, and this is a great story! I love it! Keep updating!

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