His Reluctant Mistress

Sequel to The Compromised Duchess. From the moment the notorious rake Lord Adam Davenport moved into Weighbridge House, he had become a thorn in the backside of Lady Catherine Abbington, confirmed spinster of the Abbington household. Catherine had come to accept her life of solitude as an unmarried lady, and simply wished to be left alone to her own devices. but Lord Davenport seems determined to disrupt her routine and get beneath her skin in ways she hated to admit were extremely pleasant.
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Just started this, very good so far and wondering if it will be completed? Please advise. Thank you.
U 're a very talented writer....Good work!!!!! and pls,pretty pls....update,i beg you
Finished TCD today and started this one and am very happy so far you have a talent for writing in this era
I like how Catherine isn't gorgeous. It makes me love her more haha(:
Update soon!
I love how it starts off with amusing letters from the Duke and Lady-it's unique(: I look forward to more(:
@Urbanemarie Can't help trying! lol. I know whatever you write I'll love it. :-)

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