The Angel's Sacrifice

When Fae is taken from her home with out warning, she is thrust farther into the relm of Heaven and Hell than she ever wanted to. As a Falling Angel plots to take her love, a Fallen Angel simply plans to take her soul. Desperatly trying to fight the two forces, she begins to love her capture and maybe even he in return.
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i got hooked the first paragraph! you keep this up. you deserve to be published.
The introduction is incredible. (: It reeled me in as a reader.
Good job, I like it. (:
I'm really intrested in angels. I really like it - I mean good story very unique.
- P xoxox.
I love the originality in this, though there are a few mistakes that need to be checked.
Anyway, great job, and I'm going on to read more =]
Very interesting. Love the fallen-angel-needs-some-love-concept. Overall, very good start. Keep up the great work!

Dani/ Wowwy10
Wow, really good and interesting! You have me hooked from the first page
I love it :)

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