The Angel's Sacrifice

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GreekStarGazer By GreekStarGazer Completed
When Fae is taken from her home with out warning, she is thrust farther into the relm of Heaven and Hell than she ever wanted to. As a Falling Angel plots to take her love, a Fallen Angel simply plans to take her soul. Desperatly trying to fight the two forces, she begins to love her capture and maybe even he in return.
ArchAngel6 ArchAngel6 a year ago
i got hooked the first paragraph! you keep this up. you deserve to be published.
vampiregirl405 vampiregirl405 2 years ago
i like it  keep writing more stories and maybe you can become a famous  author
Daydream2much Daydream2much 3 years ago
Absolutely loved your beginning.  Gonna read more later.  :-)
falleninlove falleninlove 3 years ago
The introduction is incredible. (: It reeled me in as a reader.
Good job, I like it. (:
FromYourBiggestFan FromYourBiggestFan 4 years ago
This is an amazing first chapter! I fanned and voted! :) I really liked the beginning sequence leading to her capture. You certainly grabbed my attention with your writing and kept the storyline fresh and unpredictable. I really liked it!
dialupthesun dialupthesun 4 years ago
I love the originality in this, though there are a few mistakes that need to be checked.
Anyway, great job, and I'm going on to read more =]