I, the Dragon rider (Eragon fan-fic)

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_Sherlocked3 By _Sherlocked3 Updated a year ago
Vickie doesn't belive in magic. In the 21st century England, who does? But when she finds a dragon egg, her life is changed forever.

When the dragon hatches, Vickie names it Amethyst and immediately is bonded with it. But soon, she is forced to run off for her dragon's safety to Alegesia. What will happen to Amethyst and Vickie when they find out that Vickie is the cherished dragon rider?
thecaretaker thecaretaker a year ago
ok,  so just some advice you started this story by telling your. readers (me)  what was happening instead of giving them a point of view where they could live through.
ValeryPogosian ValeryPogosian 2 years ago
@worldoftanks  (triple smirkin and im smokin) Σ☼ 
like meh symbols?
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worldoftanks worldoftanks 2 years ago
wow, this has the makings of a great book, it may help to revise your language over and over, it takes me days to write but a page, though i am a bit of a perfectionist.
LifeOfTheMusic LifeOfTheMusic 2 years ago
decided that i'm gonna re-read it, because its so good! i am so excited for the next chapter right now!! haha read all the chapter today! i am addicted hellu! :P 
TheodoreArgilan TheodoreArgilan 2 years ago
I liked it, easy reading great story line. I think you have more potential for what the book has to offer than you realize. I would like to discuse the potential with you as well as enhansements. If your interested?
Ace500357 Ace500357 2 years ago
alagaesia. You spelled it wrong. Sorry if it hurts your feelings or pride. I just have a thing about spelling. And I love Christopher's works. :3