The Akatsuki caught me..

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Hillary By KupcakexKiller Completed
I DONT OWN NARUTO, OR THE AKATSUKI!!! I own Kuro, though. This is an OC x Akatsuki love story. I'm new, so I hope you guys like it!!!!
How about rápist and pedophile? Also you forgot he gives young people (boys mostly) hickeys.
What the Hell?????? I would have never guessed he was thatvold
There is a website called and it has all the info on all the character in naruto check it out
Wouldn't she be Asian if she's in the Naruto world or something?
@Akatsuki_member_boy :,( I was just trying to help. It's called corrective criticism.
Why are all so judge mental! The author can describe Known however THEY WANT. -_-