The Akatsuki caught me..

I DONT OWN NARUTO, OR THE AKATSUKI!!! I own Kuro, though. This is an OC x Akatsuki love story. I'm new, so I hope you guys like it!!!!
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Not trying to be rude or anything, but you know that just because your emo doesn't mean you cut, right?
You know, for someone being bullied in an orphanage your sure have some high privileged stuff
@Deidara_is_da_bomb yea i know but it sucks to think that he's older than what he looks
@Copy_Ninja a burden is someone or something u have that has no reason to be there and just consumes
@SweeneyBlue he's a puppet. he doesnt look aged. he may look 19-20's but he might of became a puppet at the age.
its not always up in a ponytail. there is some occasions when u see it down like when the akatsuki got him to join

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