Mysterious Girl (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

Abused, regularly beaten and treated like dirt on the bottom of her Master's shoe, Robyn (as she often called herself) only had the letter of an unknown person to shred some light on who she is. But when she finds her life is twisted with another’s whom she is to protect, what will happen? When the headmaster of Howarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry asks her to attend, Will she get the unknown answers she’s needs?. Even when she finds out she is more extraordinary than she knew… Will Robyn always be a Mysterious Girl? Read to find out....
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Amazing love it you really know how to grab the readers attention, i hope you manage to finish this amazing book if you do i shall be reading the whole thing
This is pretty awesome! I LOVE Harry Potter and am open to any fan fictions people have to write! I might try one myself!
Omg! U really know how 2 get your readers' attention right away! That is a skill most don't have! I already lurve it!
It's really good so far, and..... July thirty first.... Sheis an orphan. A one year old. A halfblood.

Harry Potters long lost twin sister.
OMG! I'm actually crying while reading the letter. My aches for this little girl. :') great story. :')
Okay cool so far so good :) I normally dont read harry potter fan fics so I'm giving this a go x

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