She's the Girl!

[PUBLISHED: VIVA PSICOM] The moment Ryan realized that he valued Lhaine more than his own life, he knew that she's the girl for him. He wants her no matter what but fate doesn't seem to agree that they should be together.
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This is the first story I read here in wattpad. I really love the story! hart hart author!
SHE'S THE GIRL ;) Da best story ever.. nice story :* Part 2 pleaaasssseeee :D <3
haiiii ! pooo FINALLY taposs ko na syang bashin ang ganda super , dii akoo ma ka get over sa pangyayarii sobrang ganda !! LOVE IT A LOT ! :*
im back>.< babasahin ko ulit ang She's The Girl ang ganda kasi nung ntap0s ko to sarap ulit'ulitin^_^
ganda ng story ginawa ni author..ramdam na ramdam mo yung emotion ng it tlaga
anq qanda nq story:) 
 anq wide nq imaqination nq author ....
idol  na kita
jiji ^____^

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