Perfect Haters (COMPLETED)

Simple, top student and role model for many - she's Alexa. A girl who has everything she ever wanted but still keeping her feet on the ground. She promised herself not to love again after a traumatic experience she had about her first love. She hates men! But what if she run across with Zak who is exactly opposite of her? Will she ever change or will she keep her promise to not fall in love again? Can she escape this time? Copyright © 2014 megladiolus. All rights reserved.
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I think Zanea just can't accept the fact that Gene still loves Alexa and that it was just Gene's sympathy for Zanea that made him stay lol
@MariJulieAnneRoque  ung ibang chap rn parang TBBCAM po eh.. eh paborito ko ung TBBCAM parang gnaya mo lng po tuloy ung ibang scenes.
kac po nung nabasa ko toh parang bad boy cupid and me eh kaya alm ko na po ung mga susunod na scenes. sorry po nagsasabi lng po aq ng totoo.
bakit ung ibang scenes kagayang kagaya ng the badboy cupid and me ni slim_shady?
HAHAHAHA! WHAT THE?! LALAKI, NAGSASABI NG "B*tch"?! HAHAHAHA! Ang hard naman nun, dre! XD
Tsss. Malamang, kinain na ng ahas LAHAT NG SPACE EH. Wala na yatang natira! ^___^ *roll eyes ng pang-kontrabida*

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