Perfect Haters (COMPLETED)

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megladiolus By megladiolus Completed
Simple, top student and role model for many - she's Alexa. A girl who has everything she ever wanted but still keeping her feet on the ground. She promised herself not to love again after a traumatic experience she had about her first love. She hates men! But what if she run across with Zak who is exactly opposite of her? Will she ever change or will she keep her promise to not fall in love again? Can she escape this time?
@sandra_9  i think it was university almost over the world .. di lang po siya sa philippines .. high class po yang school na yan ..
naalala ko dito yung nabasa ko... tol sa dark ka lang handsome.. hhahahaahhah lol
Saan ba nanggaling ang STANFORD UNIVERSITY I wonder kasi unang nabasa ko sya sa Girlfriend For Hire ?? Sana may sumagot:))
Bakit ba gusto mong makilala ha? para magpabuntis ka na naman? 
Alam mo kung anong tamang sagot? Suntukin siya. Yun yung best answer.. Promise. -_-