Forever and Always (On-hold | Edited)

Si irene nasa kanya na lahat pero paano kung maraming hadlang sa relation nila at maagaw sknya ang nag iisang best friend niyang naging boyfriend nya o ng iba?! magiging FOREVER AND ALWAYS nga ba?
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the other link the her other book:
hey everyone, go read my friend's books! they're not finished, but they're great! and it would mean so much to her if you did!

next link in the next comment!
Theres actually a different story making site for Korean Based stories its called,
Hey, just wondering... the language, is it spanish og philipino or something? It actually looks and sounds interesting and I wish I understood it. But I like that someone here writes in their own language :)
Hyunseung and Hyuna!! TroubleMaker Couple~~!! Ang cute nila!! *gettingboyishbecauseofhyuna* kekeke
BTW: It has nothing to do I like the story or not.  I can't tell if I like it, because I thought I'd be in english, and I ended up with something in . . . german? and I don't understand whats being said, whats going on, the basic plot, etc, other than those confusing cognates every once in a while.

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