The Way I Feel About You

Ever since middle school, Edwin Jameson and Stephanie Wright always seemed to be more than friends. On the day Edwin was going to reveal his feeling for her, his parents had to move to Rome for business for three years, forcing Edwin to leave. After three years, a new, brave, athletic Edwin meets with the same sweet, innocent Stephanie. Does Edwin still have feelings for her after three LONG years? Does Stephanie? © Copyright – All rights reserved 2013 GwenniePoo – G. McCoy [Book trailer I made!--->]
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awesome chapter, seems like an awesome book! i'm so in love with chapter 1 already!
Love it so far cat to wait to get to the end
Can someone read my story
Omg this is really good, I'm so glad that you asked me to read it because your story's amazing :D
I liked the dialogues, they were funny! (my opinion :P)
This is Excellent, I loved the trailer, very creative! :) Added to My Library and Fan and voted for!  Loved the Exciting Dialogue in the story!
You say this is your first story on Wattpad? It seems like you've been writing for years! : D
this was interesting, I'm curious as to why you chose Rome? and a few errors , might want to get and editor on it but other than that it was great vottedd x

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