Wanted (Book 1 of the Resurgence Trilogy)

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_beejesusfreak2013 By _beejesusfreak2013 Updated a year ago
"To Whom It May Concern:

If you’re reading this, I’m probably already dead, or worse. I don’t know if anyone will ever find these journals, but if you’re reading this, God has a reason. He always has a reason. Maybe, there’s still hope...
...This is my story. I’ll warn you one last time... Burn these before you know too much. That’s how my story started... with fire.
-Madison Rhodes"

NOTE: This is the first draft of Wanted. Please don't be mean, but I love constructive criticism.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Not all of this story is posted online. I am editing it so I can publish it, but I am leaving some of the first drafts of some of the chapters up. So, enjoy and keep an eye out for when I put news of it becoming a book :)
mafia-house mafia-house 2 years ago
This sounds really good so far! :D I'm definitely planning on reading this book! :D
wonderneverland wonderneverland 2 years ago
@cat78956 that's part of what drew me to this! I love Divergent! 

And this is amazing, you don't find many good Christian books on here.
_FreeIndeed _FreeIndeed 2 years ago
Even though this prologue may not tell me much, I'll give the story a try :D
cat78956 cat78956 2 years ago
Just saying that Resurgent sounds all too much like the book series Divergent. But I do adore your story with your Christian inspiration. :)
bubblegum2306 bubblegum2306 2 years ago
Yaaay im a Christian too! and a completely hardcore Jesus freak! XD and this is a great start. It sparks the curiosity of the reader which is of course the whole point XD going to the next chapter!
adulate_ adulate_ 2 years ago
First off I love your cover and I love the concept of this story and your description really drew me in! Wondering what is up with the package :)