The Earth is approaching the year 2200. It has been divided by four major powers who dwell in ceaseless war. Human pilots learn to drive massive mechanized soldiers called Goliaths as warmachines to tip the tides of battle in their favour. Porter Ryen is one of those pilots...but just in training for now. He takes classes orbiting Earth in a specialized academy for the Enia Federation. But one day he too will commit to this great war. And who is the mysterious Sigma? The ultimate weapon for victory or mankind's last mistake?
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I have destroyed many mechs in the future. These kids should be wary if they attempt to battle with me.
That's exactly what I thought when this story came up and I decided I had to comment on that. xD
....Isn't Sigma the final boss in MegaMan X? Sorry, this just brings back those rageful memories X3
by delaying updates you will reduce your fan base . pls do so on regular basis .Thx
Hey great writing right there! Wanna read mine? It's mean the world to me! It's called the shadows: let darkness conceal your identity.

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