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bainora03 By bainora03 Updated 6 months ago
List of Wattpad stories that are published/soon to be published..
    (But I'll update as soon as I have time)
Siya yung sariling mag pa-publish ng libro niya. Tapos mabebenta thru online :D
I super love this book.. I love her (the girl who loves chocolates and strawberries ) so much..
Oleya Astrid, Karl Jonathan, Cryptic Warriors, Kaye, Cess and Phillip! omg! imissthem! 
sino authour huhuhuhu di ko pa alam gusto ko naidownload hhuhuhuhuhjuj
i actually bought the book and my ex-bestfriend borrowed it and never gave it back...huh.some friend i have
@mycupnoodles Ehh?? pero may na kita ako galing 7/11, then my classmate gave this book to me in our xmas party :)