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bainora03 By bainora03 Updated 2 months ago
List of Wattpad stories that are published/soon to be published..

(But I'll update as soon as I have time)

@O_Mystery_Girl_O Book two you mean? Its Officially his Girlfriend
Req.. lng po can you put the writter's UN? so taht it will be easy for us to search the story :D okay lng pag hinid :D
@mycupnoodles Ehh?? pero may na kita ako galing 7/11, then my classmate gave this book to me in our xmas party :)
walang Accidentally In Love With A Gangster, Playboys Baby, AFGITMOLFM, Reyna Ng Kamalasan, Montello High... pero yaan mo na :D
This book is literally killing me. I can't find the book. Smph!
Oh, okay. Pero ano yun, sila yung nagbabayad sa publisher para i-publish yung work nila? Di ko lang ma-gets, sorry :((