Trojan Slave

Most of you know the story of Troy. How Paris fell in love with Helen, the woman who set sail to a thousand ships. How Achilles took his place in history and how Hector tried his best to defend his city. Most of you know the greats, the people whose names go down in history, through their deaths or their deeds. But what about the real people, the ones who were in the street everyday scraping a living. The young children forced to live on the streets of their short and deprived lives. How the men of a great city were forced to take arms because of one mans greed and his status meant that he could command an army. Elpis was not from Troy originally, taken by force from her home her life had taken on a new form. That of a slave, born free, and enforced into a life she had not chosen. But she had to learn or she would die. Only with the coming storm would the status Elpis now hold help her to survive, or will it seal her fate. A fate that everyone believed the Gods had already mapped out for them. © 2013
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a couple of typos and grammatical errors but so far, its good. just a bit distracting haha
Fantastic, hands down one of the best troy fanfics I've found. I'm glad I found this.
I loved this because I love Ancient Greece. Excuse me while I keep on reading... :3
I like your prolouge because the wars not just about the glory, it about the how people die in them.

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