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Having trouble finding something to read? It's the hardest thing to do, here on wattpad.  That's why i've created this story group for those of you who have that exact problem.  These are all stories that i have honestly read and loved.  i give two thumbs up for each and every one of these stories! :D
omg we have the same name! ps i really like this idea i cant seem to find many REALLY good stories!
ok so now I'm a hounding fan! Will you write anymore Potter stories? Or any of the characters would be great. you have a woonderful talent an u don't need to waste It!
i cant find me and the boy with the iv. i really wanna read it. can you post the link here instead? i cant find it...
I'm expecting more of your good stories btw im addicted to The Perfect Summer i simply love it.
Hey! Um, do you know of any other story kind of like nothing left to lose? I LOVED that story SO much! I would love to read a story kind of like it again.....