Sacrificing My Happiness, For His

Finding your mate should be easy, especially if your mate is your best friend. Such was the case for Siara, but it was far from easy. Just as she's about to tell Mason they're mates, she finds out he's received the opportunity of a lifetime and realizes being mated to her would hold him back. So she does the only thing she can, she keeps it a secret, vowing to tell him as soon as he returns, but what happens when he does so, with a fiance in tow. Will she tell him, or watch him marry someone else? Mason has always loved Siara. She was his best friend after all. He always hoped they were more, but when she turned eighteen and didn't recognize him as her mate, he gave that hope up. He went off to college, vowing to keep her in his life no matter what, but as the years passed by, she seemed to pull back from him, and with no sign of his mate he began to give up ever finding her. Until he met Chloe, and found a kindred spirit in her. She had lost her mate and the two of them connected instantly. Now he was headed home, to take his place as alpha and hopefully bring together his two most favorite she-wolves. Little did he know, it was not likely to happen. Especially when your best friend kept a very important secret from you...
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No, I did too. I'm just gonna pretend it's like she meets his shoulder or something. (or maybe he has really tall hair! XD)
He didn't realize there mates right like it said in the description but how could he have not after THAT!
Am I the only one that questioned when she said she was 5"3 and came up to his chin....that means his head is a foot long...that's like a REALLY big head...
I would have told him, you are basically sacrificing your happiness. Don't you think you will resent your actions. 

I couldn't wait four u years, to long.
You know.. I find that [ Kurikaeshi Hitotsubu by Hatsune Miku ] is really related to this story/book/whatever you call it.. ;)
Lol sentence just contradicts himself lol. The very definition of being a whore is not respecting women :P

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