Great Nature

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NidaBhatti By NidaBhatti Updated 3 years ago
Poems about nature, change and the Cycle of Life
RainyDaysRocks RainyDaysRocks 3 years ago
You were right about me liking the rain - My name kind of says it all, I guess!;)

Great poem, it describes the rain in just the right way! The poem is beautifully written! Love it!;D

Oh, and I'm happy I've found someone who likes rain as much as I do;P
KyraRoad KyraRoad 3 years ago
Hey great job! I really like this poem. I actually ended up singing it a bit, it has a happy tune, then it gets a bit grave during the winter part but you bring it full circle with the last line!
whickwithy whickwithy 3 years ago
@NidaBhatti Hahahaha!  This reminds me so much of when I used to wait tables.  Myself and another guy used to joke around about talking to our customers, "No, thank you", "Oh, NO, thank you"...we could go on for hours!
whickwithy whickwithy 3 years ago
Thank you for posting, Nida.  So beautiful.  So clearly capturing of a wonderful view of rain that I can feel the droplets drying now.
Ashful Ashful 3 years ago
@NidaBhatti No problem I was going to in my next chapter update anyhow ;) 

And I think you are right- it was Keats I am thinking about :)