The Project-Z (On Hold)

Earth is becoming weak and pretty soon, it will no longer be able to take care of humans, as they have mistreated their planet. But scientists feel they have found a solution to keeping the human race still alive. Another planet. For years they’ve been viewing another planet that appears to carry similar features as Earth somewhere far in space. The Project-Z is a plan to carry 1000 humans and 1000 other species on a giant space shuttle to this planet. The only problem is that the travelers who aboard the shuttle will never make it to the new planet because it will take 1000 years to get there. Only their distance offspring’s will reach the destination. Fourteen year old Adana and her twin sister Astra have the opportunity to aboard the Project- Z and say goodbye to Earth. They have to make one of the biggest choices of their lives: Stay on Earth, or leave forever?
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This is a really good story so far nd it really deserves more reads ! :] keep up the good work !! 
Really well-written. When I was reading this, I felt shivers running down my spine. Captivating.
Good start, you introduced this really well and the idea is really unique! Definitely voted :-)
This sounds so interesting but I totally agree with her tho, we shouldn't just make a mess leave it And go somewhere else to make anothe mess. I love it so far!
I have never read any story like this before. It was completely unique. It has a really unique concept and is so well written. This deserved my vote.
I like the idea. It's interesting! Your writing style is awesome, and it flowed really really good!(:

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