My daughter-Nathan Sykes+Ariana Grande

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Elianna West Sykes

Hey guys my name is Elianna. I'm 13 and i'm Nathan Sykes daughter. My mom, Acadia West, died when I was 2 years old in a car crash. I miss her alot. My dad has a new girlfriend that I found out from the fans. He didnt bother telling me. His girlfriend is Ariana Grande. My dad is always with her. I'm sick of it. Let's take an example of last week, he planed a daddy and daughter day, but he canceled it for his dear Ariana. Now to make him pay for what he's doing i'll be stubort till he realise what he's doing. 

Nathan Sykes

I dont know why Elianna is being stubbort like this. She's usaly nice. Since I got a girlfriend I will admit that I left Elianna a bit aside. Its wierd when Ariana is not around for a day Elianna is back to normal. 

Ariana Grande

I tell Nathan to spend time with his daughter a bit but he always say no. When I invite Nathan over I tell him to bring Elianna but he never does. He says that Elianna hates me but no she hates him.


The Wanted are living in the US for promo stuff. They live in the house of the show The Wanted life. They are filming in this story. Have fun reading.)    (PG-13)
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