*WattyAwards2012 Finalist*“Don’t ever do that again, Roxie! You scared me half to death! I thought something had happened to you,” His eyes shone with anger and sadness at the last before he growled, “You ran.” 
Roxie lifted her arms up around his neck making the growls coming from deep in his chest stop as he looked down at her confused as she whispered, “And you chased.”
    Running from a dark secret, Roxie has spent her life protecting and caring for her twin sister, Rosie. Now that Rosie is getting married to a werewolf, Roxie is forced to interact with people who could reveal her secret such as the best man, her supposed 'mate', who keeps prying to find out why Roxie is so reserved. And Ella, her best friend from the orphanage that started it all and shares the same secret as Roxie. Secrets like theirs has to come out eventually, and on the bumpy road of two month wedding planning, everything is going to go up in the air.
No you don't have a very large debt you only are stupid enough to not being able to stand on your own
I liked this start- different to other werewolf books, original
Thata such a positive way to give feed back ! I love it when I see people who give criticism thats actually constructive ! Ahaha <3
I love them! totally how I imagine twins! I'm only 14 and I've been homeless be4 So I know how Rosie feels
I think a comma or a dash would go well between "wanted" and "eventually"
Roxie and Rosie totally make me think of Anna and Elsa from Frozen! We got both the cherry and the serios sister!