Uchiha's Maid(Hiatus)

Ren Kagamine is really a very rich girl. However she still takes a job as a maid. She says she prefers the 'mundane way of life'. However when she gets fired from her old employer and her family beginning to run out of money she finds herself having nowhere else to turn but to Itachi Uchiha of whom she detests. So now the question is:What happens when you stick feisty Ren Kagamine as Itachi Uchiha's personal maid?
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Stop bothering others and get over it. If you don't like the story then don't bother others with your crappy review. It does nothing but make others laugh
Whooo! First comment! Also I love how edgy Ren is, it makes it awesome to see that she isn't giving into Itachi like most fanfic girls do.
I LOVE this story :) It's kinda cool to see a maid fanfic with Itachi, it's kinda cool.
this is REALLY good! kinda reminds me of black butler....with the glasses and such....but still, AWESOME!
For starters, I'll say that that was... AWESOME! >.< First time I've read a maid fanfiction but I can already tell I'm going to love this book! :D

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