Immortal Dream (Book 1)

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Gina By ginavstheworld Completed
    Starting college and living on your own is hard. Especially if you are shy like Elizabeth. Elizabeth has always been a shy person and always avoided anything that could get her in trouble, or hurt.
    Elizabeth then meets Jessie, a mysterious girl whom she's been dreaming about. Not knowing that Jessie is a blood thirsty vampire, things get dangerous almost right off the bat. (vamp joke)
    *I suck at descriptions.*
a medium/large sized liberal arts college has, maybe, 15,000 students. The largest universities in the world have around 50,000 students.
I like how i would be like omg im a grown up now! And shes like ugh dont wanna go! lol :)
@itsamegina My absolute pleasure! :D Yeah i do. And you have nothing to worry about this book is awesome! But upload soon! ;)