The Music Within; The Story of A&E

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_ranbo97 By _ranbo97 Updated 3 years ago
Wesley and Ella were best friends, but Ella secrectly loved him. But when Wesley leaves to become famous Ella spirls into depression, when her mother has had enough they pick up and move.
Ella Meets Ace, a fun loving guy who just wants to rock. 
Will he bring the music back into Ella's life that left when Wesley did?
Or will she stay songless forever...
wonderlandjunkie wonderlandjunkie 3 years ago
Interested to see what happens throughout the school day for Ella.
wonderlandjunkie wonderlandjunkie 3 years ago
I think you have a great start here so far. Only a few grammar mistakes but besides that it's written very well. Can't wait to find out more Wesley, Ella, and Ace! :)
ShannonOwl22 ShannonOwl22 3 years ago
Oh thank you for the dedication!! It means so much to me! And I'm loving this story!(:
ellajv ellajv 3 years ago
screw Wesley, he left.... GO ACE!!!! my names Ella, so no complaints there... she forgot to buy the milk
JustAmay JustAmay 3 years ago
@ranbo97 :O I am disappointed that you think of me like that! xD aha.
JustAmay JustAmay 3 years ago
@ranbo97 - haha, I'm pushing you to get it done, I think I'm more of a helper ;D