Mr. Player Meet Ms. Mistress

Nora Trenton likes her men simple, uncomplicated and married. Wait what?! That's right she a mistress and enjoys every second of it. While working at her law firm she meets Dorian Chance, a spoiled rich bad boy who's just about to become her most prestigious and most wealthy client. A player of the same sorts, Dorian likes his woman easy and not clingy. But that all changes when the two of them get stuck working with each other. From the very beginning Nora despises him but when she discovers that Dorian is alittle more integrated with her social network of friends they begin to head off in a whirl wind of flying emotions, raging tempers and passionate nights that wake the neighbors in the dead of night. But will their passion break their number one rule: Don't Fall In Love?
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Yay I finally found this! Deleted the app n couldn't find this story back!
For some reason i imagined the narrator having a eep, old times womans voice. 
Like those woman on those western movie?
ahhh! I'm loving it so far.
I couldn't stop laughing at the elevator scene.
Update soon please :)

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