Songs to live by

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Ch1ld0fCynt4r By Ch1ld0fCynt4r Updated 2 years ago
Songs I've written to take my poetry a little different. Enjoy :)
Alexachavez101 Alexachavez101 3 years ago
ssoooooo good love  it oits a pretty song thts cool u wrote this
jemsparkle jemsparkle 5 years ago
Aw, it's such a beautiful song and MiaCat is definitely very sweet.I know she will love it.I love it too.It's amazing.
So are you :)
moongazer moongazer 5 years ago
aww this is soo nice and i love it... so sweet and i know Mia would really love this as well, just what she needed for a cheer >_< 
newbishop33 newbishop33 5 years ago
wow, very good, and special. I'm quite sure Mia will love it. Super sweet, and very well made. Heart touching. :D
PoetryBird PoetryBird 5 years ago
I love it and I'm sure MiaCat will love it even more! You're so thoughtful... this is beautiful! :-)
nicollettenikki nicollettenikki 5 years ago
I really liked this repeating thing you had going and its also a brilliant poem anyways fave lines 
Never say goodbye,
Or endlessly I'll cry,
Don't ever say goodbye...
I promise I'll try not to die,
When it's my turn to fly,
Without you by my side.