[NOVEL COMING SOON!] Dot is a young boy with a very unique outlook on the world. Note: some people will find this hard to read, but please stick with it because it pays off in the end. [#1 Science Fiction - 10/01/12].
Wow hands up awsome short story even though im still confused
Im one of your fan in this unique, undiscover work of mind and a talented skull.  This was one of a kind and  only one. i can't explain it but it's really AWESOME
I read this a while ago—sometime in 2012, I believe—and loved it so much that I vowed to vote on it whenever I finally created a Wattpad account. The title and storyline stuck with me (that never happens), and I just have to say, this will always be one of my favorites. :)
I love the friendship between Zip and Dot; Dot is absolutely adorable. Great short story!
I can't even. He's the cutest. 'I fell' why? 'I blinked' .... I can't.
It was such an amazing experience reading Blink! I loved it.