Wanted Most - Larry Stylinson AU

Louis Tomlinson is a thief, and a damn good one at that. Most have heard of him. Most don't understand him. And Harry Styles is the FBI agent who can never seem to catch him. (Cover made by @UniquelyOrdinary)
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my thoughts exactly
Those comments are hilarious bc i read it so often so yeah i should probably shut up
Reading this for like the 189429th time.... I really need to get a life but this ff is just awesome
He's masturbating in the bathroom with nemo, all of the Disney princesses and an old woman with pigtails, a pink tutu and stripper heels. Why?
Louis William Tomlinson give the nice man his lollypop back or I will call the police!
First time reading! :) Judging by the number of times people have read this and the author, this is going to be a pretty awesome book

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