Descent into Darkness

This is my version of how Bellatrix became the insane Death Eater she is. It is written as diary entries and flash backs and there is no happy ending. I claim no rights to any characters or places pulled from the Harry Potter universe.
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I loved the entirety of this one <3 Please write more for characters like Bella!
I absolutely love this book!!!!! When watching the films now I think of this book when I see Bellatrix!!!!!!!
Clever! "Steal him back from death"! You used his name there. Vol de mort translated. :D I love this! So addicted! Thank you for writing this on Bellatrix!
I have been wishing to find something like this! I am in love with harry potter, and bellatrix is my favorite character!! thank you so much
I love this story, it's so heartfelt. It makes me totally connect to Bellatrix in a way I never thought I could!!

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