ROB-BIE: Robotic Boyfriend Incorporated Enterprise

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Antigoni By Antigoni Updated 12 days ago
Sam was surfing the internet one day when she saw an add by Robotic Boyfriend Incorporated Enterprises. She signed up, thinking it was a joke and was surprised to find a package on her doorstep. With the help of her best-friend Billy, she tries to keep his true identity a secret while trying to impress the hottie who lives two doors down. 
    But love isn't always what it seems...
God, I missed this story ! Amazing chaptdr as always! cant wait for the next one hope its a long one :) ♡
@Antigoni hehe just finished an episode ;) "Two Bodies in the Lab"
@Antigoni my sister and I love it - the only time we really get along is when watching Bones! I love making people happy. I always feel really bad when I see someone sad or disappointed.
@Antigoni often authors portray more of their personal thoughts in their work then they are aware off (quote from Bones-I love that show!) HEY! Youre nearly up to 500 reads!!! Exciting!
Oooh I love how it ends with "what the heck" instead of like, "so I decided to send in a form and get a robotic boyfriend cause I could never have Leo and I needed a date to prom." I really like this story and I can't wait to find all the twists and turns along the way!!!!
@Antigoni your welcome! Ja, billy is da king! He so funny! Hehe big hearted :o) yaaaay can't WAIT for the next chappie!!!!!!!!!!!