A Ghastly Lovestory (Skulduggery Pleasant fanfic)

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Twistedwords37 By Twistedwords37 Updated 3 years ago
Two years ago Ghastly Bespoke's true love, Tanith Low, was possessed by the last of the evil, body-hijacking remnants and ran away, never to be seen again. 
    Ignoring all the people who have told him that she is permanently possessed and cannot be helped, he is determined to find her.
    Will he be reunited with his sweetheart or will his love be lost forever?.......
that's a good book. plz try to write more soon!! 
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please keep writing this is really good. you don't find much of these story's :)
Hiya! I love this!!! Finally, a Ghanith fanfic! Thank you soo much for writing this story! <3 
                                    ~ Bookzies, the Silver God ~
Really good! But technically, 2 years from Mortal Coil SP and crew hate China, so she isn't Ghastlys friend.
I love it !!!!
                                    Please write more I've read every tanith or ghastly fanfic there is ans I need more.