Bras or Boxers

[ON HOLD] Alex McAllen is in love with her best friend, Conner Levington, who she believes is gay. When she finds out the truth that he isn't, she goes through some major internal conflict with herself about whether she should tell him or not. The verdict she has come up with is: to tell him. It turns out that Conner isn't interested in being more than just best friends. Telling him is a mistake Alex believes she made because it just shattered their ten years of friendship, so she decides to go undercover from changing into a girl to a guy to find out exactly why wasn't he interested in her. While doing so, she reverts back into believing he's gay and thinks that he just needs help coming out of the closet, so to speak. While pretending to be a guy, she'll definitely win his heart. But will his heart belong to the real her: wearing bras, or will his heart belong to the disguised "him" wearing boxers? Find out in Bras or Boxers!
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Nice. Short and sweet. I know this will be an hilarious and enjoyable read.  Keep up the good work! And wow, Nick Jonas? Interesting. ;D

-Cade x3
haha great story! I have a friend named Conner who we all think is gay too so I just had to read this! Plz keep writing!
I love all the detail in this! It's happens to be very well written also. Continue soon please(:
So far this is really entertaining! I like the light heartedness of it all and I'm intrested to see what you will write next :)
OH snap...hes gay. That surprised me even if the title said otherwise. I didn't even read the summary..good job :D It was very well written.
Sport I am not a fan of it, but your story was so good that maybe, I'll be one soon. I think you have loads of detail and an interesting character. Good work~

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